We provide real-time e-commerce market data.

  • Competitor prices

    Implementing your pricing strategy was never easier. Get your competitors’ base prices, shipping costs, even their availability.

    Use cases:

  • Product details

    We can collect everything you see on Amazon, Google Shopping, eBay and the like. Product name, description, brand, pictures, features, categorization and identifiers.

    Use cases:

    • Product catalog
    • Product management
  • Search rankings

    Most purchases start with a search. Track and improve your products’ rankings in Amazon’s internal search as well as your website’s rankings in Google search.

    Use cases:

    • Amazon SEO
    • Google SEO
  • Bestselling products

    Product trumps price. Do like Amazon does and learn which products perform best from the biggest market places and price comparison sites — and add them to your assortment.

    Use cases:

  • Sellers

    Understand your competitors to form a winning strategy. What do they sell, how are their ratings, what is their pricing, shipping conditions and stock levels?

    Use cases:

  • Ratings & reviews

    More than just stars. Get each individual review of a product. Because there is so much to learn from your customers’ feedback.

    Use cases:

    • Review handling
    • Sentiment analysis
  • Deals & promotions

    Who is running which promotions, when, how and how often? React to your competitor’s price reductions and find out which ads steal customers from your product.

    Use cases:

    • Marketing optimization

Our metric is customer success.

  • Professional pricing is one of the success factors in e-commerce. metoda is just the right partner for this in terms of data quality, competence and reliability.

    Lars Wilde, Founder of Springlane
  • The bigger one’s assortment, the higher the requirements for the tools you use. With metoda, we always keep our competitors in check and can optimize our assortment.

    Bastian Siebers, CEO of Tengelmann E-Stores

Why Price API?

  • Make or buy

    Differentiation is built, not bought. If you want to price your way, with Price API you can build your own repricing system. If you want to a ready solution, we have amazing partners that use Price API for you.

  • Team of experts

    Reliable scraping at scale is hard work. Sometimes on the weekend. We hire the best scraping experts, so we can deliver high quality data around the clock. Can you scrape Google Shopping? Because we can.

  • Real-time

    Prices change fast and you want to use fresh data for competitive repricing. Not a problem with Price API. We can collect prices within seconds. Now you can reprice your lead products a hundred times per day.

  • Save costs

    Hiring scraping experts, scaling server infrastructure to fetch millions of prices fast, that costs a lot. If you outsource data collection to us, you can benefit from our economies of scale.

Ready to grow with you — in over 30 countries

  • 465,422 Analyzed Shops
  • 516,168,711 Supported Products
  • 1,614,520,850 Monitored Price Changes

From under one hundred to over a million SKUs, we have helped customers large and small grow sustainably.

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