What does Price API cost?

First, there’s a free trial. After that, we offer different subscription plans that incorporate volume discount, starting at 499 Euro per month.

Subscription plans

  • Starter

    • 50,000 credits* / month
    • monthly contract

    499€ / month

    + 0,01€ / additional credit*

  • Advanced

    • 200,000 credits* / month
    • monthly contract

    999€ / month

    + 0,005€ / additional credit*

  • Pro

    • 500,000 credits* / month
    • monthly contract

    1,499€ / month

    + 0,003€ / additional credit*

  • Enterprise

    • custom credits* / month
    • yearly contract

    On request


*) Credits are explained below. Think one request for one product.

There's no need to choose now. The free trial includes 1,000 credits that you can use. No credit card required. No time limit.

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What are credits?

We measure your usage of Price API in credits. The more data you request, the more credits you spend. One credit lets you do a simple request for one product from one data source once.

These are some ways to spend 1,000 credits:

1,000 products * 1 data source  *  1 time
  500 products * 2 data source  *  1 time
   25 products * 2 data sources * 20 times

There are some requests that cost more than a credit. For the details, see the page on credits in our documentation.

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